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Posted on: January 29, 2008 6:01 pm

Media Day therapy

After a day of watching inane interviews during Super Bowl Media Day, I need to get a few things off my chest.

Whoever think's Chris Berman's schtick isn't tired, raise your hand.

Is this guy serious? Calling Chris Berman a legend? Maybe in the world of ESPN, where if they didn't think of it, it didn't happen (like Peter Gammons today 'breaking' the news that Johan Santana got traded to the Mets, 10 minutes after I read it on the USA Today website. And that was five minutes after somebody told me about the story).

I think it is telling that every reply in this thread defends Gregg Doyel, and to get the CBSSports.com users to defend Doyel is a pretty neat trick. When I was 10 years old, and ESPN was still new, and Berman still had hair, I enjoyed his routine. Now he is a caricature of himself, a complete buffoon. Though he did give us 'You're with me, leather.'

Now, read Gregg Doyel's blog.

The usual attention-seeking loonies were out in full force:

  • Somebody trying to get Pats special teamer/wide receiver Kelley Washington to try on red high heels.
  • A pre-adolescent kid doing interviews for that four-letter network.
  • Some American Idol flunky doing interviews for Jay Leno.
  • The wonderful ladies of TV Azteca.
  • And my favorite part -- players who don't have their own podiums because hardly anybody wants their quotes grabbing a camera or microphone, walking around and asking their own questions. It's Media Day, have some fun.
  • Annoying: The NFL Network guys getting to ask the first questions because they run the show. Then Rich Eisen asking Tedy Bruschi 'What is your favorite source for NFL news' and basically forcing Bruschi to say NFL Network or Roger Goodell will suspend you.
  • I get sick of the clowns at media day, but it's also fun to see and hear the reactions from 'legitimate' members of the press, who are just out there looking for easy quotes before they hit the free buffet.

One thing is for certain -- it is nice to see the Patriots back in the Super Bowl after the NFL inexplicably allowed its showcase event to go this long without its showcase franchise.

Can they play the game tomorrow?


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