Posted on: March 17, 2008 4:08 pm

Where are the Huskies?

Connecticut's are in the NCAA tournament. Washington's are in this new College Basketball Invitational. Northern Illinois' ... well, you go 6-22, lose in the first round of the MAC tournament, you have earned a vacation.

But what about Northeastern? Sure, they finished under .500 (14-17). And lost in the second round of the CAA tournament. But that was to George Mason! They were a Final Four team two years ago! Cut NU some slack.

I can't take it anymore. My Huskies haven't been to the NCAA tournament (1991) since before I started school there 16 years ago. Long gone are the days of Reggie Lewis, who led Northeastern to the NCAAs four straight years (coached for three of them by Jim Calhoun).

There has to be a place for teams like Northeastern. They can't win the CAA, so the NCAAs are out. They don't have enough of a reputation to consistently make the NIT. And apparently, 13-18 Cincinnati is good enough for the CBI, but not 14-17 Northeastern, a team that lost to ACC teams Maryland and Boston College by two points each and split with George Mason in the regular season.

My solution -- let's start a new tournament. Bigger than the NIT. Better than the CBI. More exciting than the NCAAs. Philadelphia has the Big Five. Let's do something with all the mediocre-crappy New England teams that can't get into a real postseason tournament. First round -- Northeastern-Holy Cross, Matthews Arena. And the winner of the whole enchilada can lay claim to being the best second-rate team in New England.

Or, forget it. The Red Sox are losing to the Yankees, and the way Bartolo Colon pitched, get ready for a 95-loss season and challenging the Orioles for last place in the AL East. But how 'bout those Celtics?!?!?

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