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Posted on: June 19, 2008 12:57 pm

Brian Scalabrine gets no respect

Brian Scalabrine's contributions to the Celtics' run through the playoffs to the NBA title can be summed up in three letters. D-N-P. He probably had to spend a full season's salary on street clothes to wear while sitting near the bench over the past eight weeks.

And it wasn't because of injury that he didn't play. He was active for a few games, but Doc Rivers never found the right time to get him on the court. I suppose if he was in uniform for Game 6 against the Lakers, he might have been able to take off his warmups. But he wasn't.

So why was he even in the interview room after the Celtics clinched Tuesday night? And why was he at the microphone, berating the media "experts" who picked the Lakers to win? It's good stuff, especially when he starts making fun of one reporter's choice of sports jacket.

I suppose it's better than killing hobos. But really. Brian Scalabrine? That's who gets trotted out to play the "no respect, nobody believed in us" card? A guy who played 48 games this season? The only time he got off the bench in the playoffs was to chest-bump James Posey.

Brian, from one redhead to another: We love you, Scal. You are entertaining, at least out of uniform and when you don't have a chance to make an impact on a game. Now go smoke a cigar, get your ring and enjoy being an NBA champion. Leave the "nobody believed in us" stuff to someone that broke a sweat during the playoffs.

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